Coffee For Coffee Lovers

Segafredo Zanetti® is the premium coffee brand that brings expertly crafted quality to the caffeine experience at home, or away-from-home through the kind of passion and creativity that can only come from generations of experience, inspired, created and loved in our cafes around the world.

A Product of Our Passion

The exceptionally smooth & uniquely rich taste of Segafredo Zanetti® coffee is filled with four generations of the Zanetti family’s coffee expertise and passion.

Beginning in the family business of green coffee buyers in Treviso, Italy, Massimo Zanetti followed his grandfather and father’s footsteps. Mr. Zanetti, a 4th generation coffee purveyor, expanded the company globally to include roasting, production and global distribution of coffee.

Connecting With Coffee lovers Around The World

In 1988, we opened our first café in Paris. From there, we expanded to serving our coffee in hundreds of Segafredo Zanetti® cafés around the world. From farm-to-cup, our family remains meticulous in crafting extraordinary coffee. Join us for a coffee wherever your travels take you!

Amsterdam | Aruba | Barcelona | Berlin | Geneva | Hong Kong | Miami | Paris | Praha | Rome | Shanghai | Singapore | Tokyo | Treviso | Vienna

Preferred by professional baristas

As well as in our cafés, Segafredo Zanetti® coffee is served in thousands restaurants and offices in over 100 countries. In the U.S. alone, our division is serving 38 million cups of coffee a year, 3.2 million cups per month.

(2019, Frequency calculated by Segafredo Zanetti® lbs per region, 10oz. serving size)


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About our Parent Company

Massimo Zanetti Beverage is the ONLY completely vertically integrated coffee company in the United States, controlling every step in the coffee-making process from farm to cup. MZB Coffee brands include Chock full o’Nuts®, Hills Bros.®, Kauai Coffee® and Segafredo Zanetti®.

Chock full o'Nuts
Segafredo Zanetti