Segafredo Zanetti® Coffee

Different than iced coffee, where hot coffee is poured over ice, cold brew coffee is made with room temperature or cool water and time. During the cold brew process, time replaces heat, so that the coffee beans are never exposed to high temperatures that can leave behind undesirable bitter acids and oils.

The result is an ultra smooth, rich cup of coffee with zero acidity or bitterness. Another benefit is that unlike hot brewed coffee, it stores for a week or more without losing its delicious flavor. The secret to success is a high quality coffee, spring water, time and patience…be prepared to allow your coffee to steep for 12-16 hours!
All of our Segafredo Zanetti® blends taste great as a cold brew coffee, however we feel Brillante is ideal for this method as it allows brightness, smoothness and citrus notes to really shine through.

- Use medium ground coffee for even extraction and full body.
- Any container with a sufficient capacity, according to the size of the batch you want to produce
- Spring water at room temperature
- Long spoon
- Filter Paper
1. Place the ground coffee in the container.
2. Add the water and with a spoon tap gently on the wet coffee grounds to saturate them.
3. Cover the grounds and allow them to steep for 12-16 hours.
4. Line a fine-mesh strainer with a standard coffee filter and fit it over a clean container. Working in small batches, slowly pour the coffee into the filter until all of the liquid has passed through the strainer. The coffee will pass through in a slow stream, don’t force it through. Discard the contents of the strainer.

Watch How to Make Cold Brew