Vivace™ - Medium Roast - Whole Bean


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Herbert Master
Good taste

Enjoyed 1st cup but have no ideas of the age of roasting by the time it arrives
at the consumer. Most people know coffee is best taken less than 14 days from roasting would be nice to have roasting date on the package.

Marie Finnegan
Great coffee!

I first had this coffee in a local breakfast restaurant after I was forced to abstain from coffee for 20 hours for a surgical procedure. Immediately after the procedure I was dying for a cup of coffee.The restaurant served Segafredo Zanetti;with my first sip and I was hooked for life. It was full bodied and smooth, no acid ; probably the best coffee I had EVER. FYI we grind our whole beans, and did so with the first order from Segafredo. I was not disappointed in the home delivery. I also ordered the K-cups and they too are fantastic.Same quality, same great coffee, nothing else to say. Buy it.

Cindy Little
Great coffee

I'm not what you would call a coffee snob, but I got introduced to Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee in my early 20s & I loved it. However, it's always been too expensive for an everyday coffee so I had to relegate it to special occasions. I tried this coffee in a restaurant & fell in love. I immediately ordered some. I was surprised to see it had tasting notes of some of my favorite things. I couldn't identify any of them, but they made the coffee so delicious. I had gotten away from drinking coffee everyday & was maybe drinking one a week or even longer. In two days I was up to two mugs a day & wanting a third! Can't say enough good things about this coffee.