Tempo Blends Carefully Composed

In musical terms – tempo means time in Italian. The speed or pace of a given piece influences it’s feeling or “flavor.” Segafredo Zanetti® Tempo Blends were created through careful orchestration. As a composer layers subtle nuances of sound, these blends are a combination of coffee varieties blended and roasted together to deliver distinct smooth and rich flavor notes for well-rounded taste in every cup.

Segafredo Brillante Bag


Mild, Bright & Strong

A sophisticated blend of high-grown mild Colombian and Sumatran Arabicas. Lightly roasted, the silky-smooth medium body of Brillante lets bright chocolaty, butterscotch and citrus notes shine through.

Brillante coffee is from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms as part of our commitment to being good global citizens.


Name: Brillante® (Brill-ahn-tay)

Meaning: Brilliantly with sparkle, play in a showy and spirited style.

Recipe: Light Roast, Medium Grind

Character: Medium Body, Lasting Acidity

Tasting Notes: Silky Chocolate, Butterscotch, Touch of Citrus

Personality: Expressive, Intriguing

Segafredo Vivace Bag


Medium, Vivacious & Balanced

An artisan balance of Colombian and Brazilian Arabicas, medium roasted with subtle chocolates, soft honey, fragrant blackberries and a soothing finish.


Name: VivaceTM (Vee-vah-chay)

Meaning: Very lively, up-tempo.

Recipe: Medium Roast, Fine Grind

Character: Medium Body, Smooth Acidity

Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Blackberry, Honey

Personality: Lively, Spirited

Segafredo Crescendo Bag


Medium, Smooth and Balanced

A mild and lightly sweet craft blend that uses 100% Arabica to convey complex flavor notes of dark cherry and black currant. Medium roasted to deliver a unique and perfectly balanced cup of coffee with smooth, lasting acidity and a light delicate finish.

Crescendo coffee is from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms as part of our commitment to being good global citizens.


Name: Crescendo® (Kre-SHEN-doh)

Meaning: Growing progressively louder.

Recipe: Medium Roast, Medium Grind

Tasting Notes: Dark Cherry, Raspberry

Character: Medium Body, Lasting Acidity

Personality: Genuine, Sophisticated

Segafredo Enzo Bag


Rich, Bold & Complex

Our bold craft blend of Colombian and Brazilian Arabicas is dark roasted to unveil a complex and fearless full body. Its flavor includes notes of nutty, smoky dark chocolates and caramel with a smooth bold finish.


Name: Enzo® (En-zoh)

Recipe: Dark Roast, Medium Grind

Tasting Notes: Smokey, Dark Chocolate, Caramel

Character: Full Body, Bold Acidity

Personality: Fearless, Structured

Also Available in Convenient Single-Serve Pods

Segafredo Single Serve Pod

Quick, easy brewing of single servings.

Available in all of our premium Tempo blends, Segafredo Zanetti® pods are compatible with all K-Cup brewers, but with less plastic waste due to our design that uses a ring and filter system.