The art of Espresso

Our singular purpose as a brand, and as a company, is to extend our love for our coffee, our culture and to share the Italian café experience around the world. Together we weave our talents and our instruments to create that pinnacle moment – that harmonic blend of balanced taste, exceptional quality and superior flavor. This is the “5M” loved worldwide. This is Segafredo Zanetti®. Join us in our mission.

The making of a perfect cup of espresso is an Italian art form that anyone can master with the right equipment and the right coffee. In this video, Davide guides you through the creation of a sublime cup of espresso, as well as macchiato and cappuccino.

Premium Espresso Coffee “5M” Approach

Five steps to delivering world-class authentic Italian espresso.

We at Segafredo Zanetti® have developed a very definitive standard for creating world-class espresso. Each of our “5Ms” are built on four generations of Italian coffee expertise and exemplifies the art and craft that goes into every cup of Segafredo Zanetti® espresso. Our “5M” approach ensures delivery of the perfectly balanced, exceptionally authentic Italian taste of Segafredo Zanetti® espresso each time.

The preparation of a good Segafredo espresso is an art based on the “4M rule” + 1
1. Miscela (Blend)
2. Macinadosatore (Grinder)
3. Macchina (Machine)
4. Mano (Hand)
+1 Manutenzione (Maintenance)

The meaning of this set of rules is very simple: you can achieve the best cup of espresso when you start with a high quality blend, and the grinder and espresso machine are tuned up properly to allow the hand of the barista to do the magic. Maintenance is critical to help the equipment function properly.

The Espresso 1 machine is the solution for your espresso at home.